SOMOS goals

SOMOS is a non-profit association placed in Copenhagen formed exclusively by volunteers.

Our aim is to participate actively in encouraging social awareness in the field of solidarity and sustainability. We want to collaborate closely with NGOs, associations and non-profit organizations to promote their work and underline the importance of supporting them



SOMOS mission

SOMOS promotes cultural development and social meetings in Copenhagen. We organize activities where people can learn and have fun while contributing to cooperation projects. Everybody is welcome to participate regardless of their nationality, gender, religion,financial status, etc; you only need to bring a good mood and energy!

SOMOS believes that every small contribution might be a big support for others. This is why we are trying to give visibility to local associations that contribute to projects within Copenhagen region, making it more sustainable, fair and supportive.


Who we are

We are Susana, Lucía, Cristina and Chiara. We are originally from Spain and Italy but we are living in Copenhagen for several years. All of us work full time in different fields: Susana and Chiara work at DTU and Lucía and Cristina have a job within the pharmaceutical industry.

In our spare time, we are running SOMOS. We are fresh, positive and friendly people, and we love spending our free time on a project that can benefit different areas on the society 🙂 . SOMOS  means for us: volunteering, solidarity, social moments, “hygge”, learning, having fun, interaction, culture, integration…


Our Story

Nowadays, we live in a society where it is easy to have no time to get involved in helping others: work, studies, daily tasks, travelling… do not allow us to stop and think about the world surrounding us.

SOMOS is based on the concept developed by ClaseaTe in Madrid (Spain). With a great success and popularity, ClaseaTe has been helping other NGOs’ projects for more than a year, and also promoting social activities. When we thought about implementing their concept in Copenhagen, we said YES!.

After a lot of dedication and passion, now SOMOS has become a reality.  We hope that SOMOS will help people to stop and to find the time to contribute.