Let’s get outside of our comfort zone and start an acro journey!  The donations collected with this activity will go to SustainableEnergy association.
picture taken from globalgoals.org

Two billion people, or nearly one third of the world’s population, have no access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy to power essential needs such as cooking, heating and lighting. The majority of the world’s urban populations lack basic services such as clean water, sanitation, and solid-waste management. Degradation of natural resources is closely linked to low living standards in rural as well as urban areas. Climate change is aggravating the situation, forcing the poor to adapt to even more insecure living conditions.

SustainableEnergy works for 100% renewable energy in a sustainable world. SustainableEnergy’s approach and principles build upon the belief that the energy and environmental situations of the poor can only be improved and sustained if they, too, are actively involved.

They have implemented more than 25 projects in 10 different countries which have involved thousands of people.  The main responsibility for the climate crisis lies with the rich industrialized countries, but poverty also threatens the environment and the climate.

Poverty is part of the problem, but people are key to the solution. This NGO believes that supporting civil-society organizations and involving poor people as agents of change will foster awareness, ownership, and sustainability.

In case you want to read more about SustainableEnergy, please check their web site here http://sustainableenergy.dk/.


About our acroyoga class….

Let’s get outside of our comfort zone and start an acro journey! It combines yoga and acrobatics and it’s really fun!

Acroyoga gives you the ability to trust in yourself and your body and in others. It’s all about connection, communication and balance between the base and the flyer. There is no you and I, there is only us because your partner and you are a team.

During the class you will:

  • try some basic acroyoga positions
  • try some balance exercises
  • exercise both the muscles and the connective tissues
  • get more flexibility and strength in your body.

If you really like yoga you cannot miss the oportunity to try this class. Also, if you have never tried yoga but you always wanted to do so, try this different practice! You won’t regret!!

Location and time: 

Saturday 11th March, from  15:00 – 17:00
Sportsrum i Folkets Hus, 3rd floor. Stengade 50, 2200 København N

Sign up:

The class is taught by volunteers and everybody is welcome!

Be aware that to confirm the participation you have to make a voluntary donation to the association/NGO corresponding to your class. You are free to donate the amount you feel comfortable with; there is not a minimum or maximum contribution. But,  in order to be registered and participate in the class, you need to attach a receipt/screenshot of the donation to the form.

You can read more about the mission and vision of SOMOS here