Are you ready for a challenge?

Solve with SOMOS the mysterious disappearance of Prof. Isaak Wylde. In this Escape room you will have to use your brain, your senses and your communication skills to figure out the solution to the enigma!

But, what is an escape room? An escape room is, basically, a room from which you have to escape. The way to escape consists usually in solving puzzles, finding codes, putting clues together, observing details and finally cracking your way out of the room – but you have limited time to do so! This escape room is focusing on solving the Disappearance of Prof. Wylde. It is level intermediate so you don’t need previous experience. Only thing you need is your own abilities and skills.

This experience is designed for small groups of 4 players and there are 3 possible time slots of 70 minutes each. There will be 3 escape rooms running at 17:15 pm, 18:40 pm and 20:10 pm.
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By joining to this escape room you will support Fødevarebanken, a player against food waste and food poverty in Denmark.

Fødevarebanken, was founded as a voluntary organization in January 2008. The organization is the first initiative in the Nordic countries that, systematically and on a large scale, addresses the food waste that goes on in the industry and the food poverty in nowadays society.

On the one hand Fødevarebanken focuses on reducing the huge amounts of food that is daily discarded in the food industry and which contributes to waste of resources and environmental impact. On the other hand, they try to help the disadvantaged people that are often deprived of a daily nutritious meal.

Location and time: 

Monday 27th March, from  17:15 – 21:30
Retro Nørrebro – Jægersborggade 14, 2200 København N

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