The donations collected with this activity will go to Refugees Welcome.

Between 3.000 and 7.000 asylum seekers come to Denmark every year (spontaneous asylum seekers), about 300 are unaccompanied minors (older children who come to Denmark alone).

The highest numbers of refugees come from Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Somalia, Serbia, Iran and Iraq – but the numbers varies every year. The chance of being granted asylum varies a lot from year to year and between the different countries.

Refugees Welcome is a small humanitarian organisation. They provide free legal counselling and assistance to asylum seekers, and at the same time they try to ensure the rights of refugees and inform the public of the conditions for refugees in Denmark.

“Human rights are for us all, no matter which legal status we might have”.

In case you want to read more about Refugees Welcome, please check their website here:

Description of the class:

If you want to know more about Mindfulness, this introduction event is just for you!

The teacher is going to introduce us to the theoretical side of Mindfulness as well practicing it, so that we can get a complete idea of the concept. This means we will meditate as a group, which can be a very inspiring experience!

You will spend an stimulating day having good vibes and learning something new while you support a reality that exists nowadays about refugees all arround the world, and specificly here in Denmark.

About the teacher:

Esen S. Hansen is a Mindfulness instructor, certified NLP therapist and an international speaker in the areas of consciousness and self development. She has been practicing meditation for many years and has participated in the teacher training pathway of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Mindfulness, which is the place where Mindfulness was introduced to the world.

Don’t miss this great opportunity and sign up to our event!!

Location and time:

Saturday 4th March 11 a.m -1.00 p.m

Indre By Kulturhus  Meeting Room 1.

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