Would you like to learn about the daily basic nutrition? Get tips to improve your eating behaviour?
Do you want to discover with us false myths and which mass information should we trust? Come to support InnoAid and learn about all these things with SOMOS.

Come and join this nutrition workshop that will inspire you to have a healthier lifestyle and will help you making wiser decisions when it comes to your diet! We will discuss about :
• basic nutrition factors (macro- and micro- nutrients)
• reading the nutritional labels on the food packages
• fade and healthy diets
• staying on track
• valid nutritional information

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, discover and ask all those questions you wonder about food and diets!
Eat healthy, life long, life strong!


The donations collected with this activity will go to InnoAid.

In InnoAid, they are innovators who combine their academic foundation with their passion for development challenges. Through cross-diciplinary teamwork, participatory methods, and knowledge sharing they identify local needs, co-create and implement user-oriented and sustainable solutions where aid is needed. They are an NGO with an international outreach based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Currently they are carrying out different projects such as:

  • Street food vendor’s toolkit in India: An educational toolkit with 700 street food vendors in Kolkata, India. They also support the process of recognition and formalization of the street food vending sector at a state level .
  • Care2Reuse (C2R): A social network that allows everyone to improve its environmental and social footprint.
  • Alter Waste into REsources (AWARE) project: It aims to develop an innovative and sustainable waste management system which focuses on transforming waste into valuable resources that can be used to tackle local challenges. The first application of the project is in rural areas of Sunderbans, India.
  • Bengali Rural Ambulance Project: It aims to address the lack of means to access local health clinics and hospitals in the Sunderbans by creating a sustainable product-service system that addresses key issues such as for instance, lack of skilled medical competencies in the local area.
  • The SMOKE project: It focuses on securing healthy kitchen environments for poor villagers living in the rural areas of Nepal.

In case you want to read more about InnoAid, please check their web site here

Location and time: 

Thursday 24th November, from  6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

VerdensKulturCentret, Room 104, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København

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