Have you ever wonder how to dance and move around a pole? Come to this class to support A Race Against Breast Cancer association and try this popular way of exercise. In this class you will be able to learn the basics of pole fitness.

We will use a vertical pole to exercise using our own bodyweight. Pole dance or pole fitness strengthens your entire body, especially the core muscles, which can be difficult to train in other ways.

During the class we will focus on learning tricks performed on the pole in a fun enviroment, full of energy. Don’t be shy and try new things! You will finish the class with a awesome feelings of accomplishement and a good mood due to helping a really nice association.

No prior experience is needed!


The teacher has chosen  A Race Against Breast Cancer as the association to donate the money corresponding to the sign up for this class.

A Race Against Breast Cancer has been established with the sole purpose of raising money for breast cancer researcher within Danish Center for Translational Breast Cancer Research (DCTB).

The 100% of collected free funds are handed-over to the DCTB researchers. DCTB is a unique, non-profit frontline research project, based on a unique, cross-functional collaboration between clinicians and researchers at Copenhagen University, University of Southern Denmark, Herlev Hospital and The Danish Cancer Society.

The main two goals of DCTB are:

  • Develop a blood test for early detection – early diagnosis is the key in the efforts to improve survival rates.
  • Find a method for individual, tailor-made treatment, resulting in increased survival rates and less side effects.

Please, read more about them and their projects in their web site:

Location and time: 

Saturday 3th December, from  11:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Polestudio Copenhagen in Rentemestervej 66 København NV

Sign up: