SOMOS aims to promote intercultural, sociable, and fun events to meet different people, learn from each other and have a good time. Through these social activities, we also want to collaborate closely with NGOs and organization to promote their work and underline the importance of supporting them.

Our aim is not only to provide a wide variety of classes, but also to give visibility to local associations by supporting their projects. 

SOMOS believes that every small contribution is a big support for others. This is why all participants are encouraged to contribute with a volunteer donation to a local NGO/association.

This donation is given directly and exclusively to the NGO/association chosen by the volunteer teacher.  SOMOS is not involved in the donation process. We are only a link between people and associations/NGOs.  

Think global, act local

The amount of the donation is up to you. We don’t want to set a minimum and maximum since every person has its personal situation. There is no right or wrong amount.

Every contribution counts, and all the NGOs/organizations are more than happy to receive it. Nevertheless, since we have received many inquiries in this regards, we decided to come up with some open questions and situations that might help you deciding a proper amount. We hope this can help you 🙂


    • We would like to see the activities as an “excuse” of helping different NGOs/organizations. These activities are an alternative way of contributing and supporting NGOs.
    • Both the teacher and the organizers of SOMOS are volunteers that have decided to spent their time preparing the class for free for a good cause. We hope you, as participant, appreciate this time and effort, and you would like to contribute as well to this good cause.
    • Most of the activities organized can be found in Copenhagen for a fixed price. How much are you willing to pay for them?
    • What would you do instead of this activity over the same period of time? And how much it will cost (beers in a bar, coffe/ meal with friends…)?


Finally, we would like to emphasize again that the amount it’s completely up to you and it is private. No one of the participants of the activity will know how much you have contributed with.

If you want to attend to the class but you have a bad economical situation, don’t worry, just contact us stating your case, and the activity you would like to join, and we will help you :).