Take a look at our short reviews of our past events, get inspired and sign up in one of the following classes:    

Basketball workshop (10/6/2017)

This time we had a fun afternoon trying our Basketball skills. Daniela, the former coach of Geckos team, was on charge of explaining us different ways to pass the ball, move forward with it and cheat the oponent!!She also explained us different tips to improve our skills with the ball. At the end we were playing a 3 to 3 game that was incredible fun and then we put in practice all what we learnt in the previous hour. At the end of the workshop we were tired but none of us could stop smiling. It was a great evening, for a good cause!!

The donations of this event will go to Trampoline House which is a Danish NGO that provides refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark with a place of support, community and purpose. The organization has many different activities. They organize internships, job training, different classes and activities (language classes, cooking, cleaning, child care, creative workshops, debates, public campaigns,…), as well as counseling to refugees and asylum seekers. Trampoline House aims to break the social isolation and the sens of powerlessness that they experience in Denmark. If you want to learn more about them please check their website here.


Sevillanas class (21/05/2017)

One more time, Cristina with her passion and energy, brought the south of Spain to Denmark! This time, we not only learnt “la primera” but also “la segunda”! We are almost there for the full Sevillanas!!!  We spent more than two hours dancing, laughing and practising with partners.  Thank you all the participants and Cristina for this fantastic and fun Sunday! Check the pictures of the class here 

The donations of this class went to Børne Cancer Fonden. They support children and their families during and after the cancer diagnosis and treatment, with information, meetings with other families in the same situation and recreative events. But their work don’t end here, they also emphasis the importance of research. Children often have more aggressive cancers than adults – and they are admitted to treatment in the middle of the most important period in their lives: when they grow most physically, mentally and socially. BCF research to improve diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer. Finally, this association tries to create awarness about children cancer. Not only within families, but also within schoolmates and other audience with a close relationship with those children. If you want to read more about them, check their website.


How to ace a job interview workshop (27/04/2017)

Thanks to Maria Gracia, our HR manager in Copenhagen, we have learnt all the secrets behind the perfect job interview. What are the most common mistakes, the “Do´s and Dont´s”, the most frequent questions … in short, all the small details that can make that job offer ours.
Maria did a very dynamic workshop in which there was a presentation part,  some time to practice what we learnt and some time for questions. I hope that all the participants, have taken good notes and will have the best performance in their next job interview!!!

Maria Gracia is from Peru. With this workshop she wanted to support her home country, which is suffering from extreme floodings that are affecting thousands of families. That is why all the money collected with this activity has gone to the association Help Peru. Help Peru is based in New York and  supports other charity organizations in Peru. Currently they are focusing on helping the victims from the terrible flooding. In addition, this foundation is committed to improve the access of peruvians to education, healthcare, water and sanitation. If you want to more about their work, you can check their website.

Voices of women Talk (09/04/2017)

This weekend we have travelled together with Raquel to Asia and we have seen the real life-situation of women there. Raquel is a solo female traveller and photographer, that during her trip to Asia has captured the untold stories and the beauty of being a woman. After her inspiring talk, we had a round table where we all shared our own reflections about the current situation of women around the world, about if we all have the same opportunities, aspirations, challenges…
It has been a deeply moving talk. From SOMOS we wish good luck to Raquel on her project and that the world will keep moving towards a more fair society.

The donations collected with this activity have gone to Rights for All Women. RAW was founded in 2007, they work to combat violence against women in all its forms. Their focus is on women’s rights projects in developing countries where they work with local organizations for the same cause.  Actually, we had the chance to meet some of their members who told us about the amazing projects they are doing in Cameroon, South Africa and Peru. In case you want to read more about this humanitarian organization, please check their website here: http://rawnordic.org/.


Escape Room activity (27/03/2017)

This monday we had 3 groups of nice people that were brave anough to face the challenge of Solving the mysterious disappearance of Prof. Isaak Wylde. In this Escape room they used their brain, their senses and their communication skills to figure out the solution to the enigma!

They had a lot of fun, and as some of them said “when you are in the room you forget about everything outside and you are only focus in solving the enigma. You need to work fast as a team to gather all the clues and make the whole picture of the story”.

This fun and nice evening we spent together had the aim of supporting Fødevarebanken, a player against food waste and food poverty in Denmark. On one hand Fødevarebanken focuses on reducing the huge amounts of food that is daily discarded in the food industry and which contributes to waste of resources and environmental impact. On the other hand, they try to help the disadvantaged people that are often deprived of a daily nutritious meal distributing the food surplus in the most disadvantaged areas in Denmark.

If the participants were able to escape on time or not from the room, will be our secret! 😉 But if you feel challenged and you missed the oportunity to come to SOMOS escape room, you can always pass by Retro Nørrebro Café, where this Escape Room is available every Monday.

Cafe Retro is ran entirely by volunteers, and it is part of a larger social innovation project developed by the RETRO organisation. All the profits go entirely to their development projects in Sierra Leone, and it has been so since the café first opened in 2010. Jaime, our nstructor to the Escape Room activity, is one of the organizers of the Escape Room at Retro Café and all the profit gained with this escape room goes entirely to these projects in Sierra Leone. You can visit their website here.


Introduction to acroyoga (11/03/2017)

Since we had a great success last november, we organized one more time an acroyoga class!!! And it was even better!! (if possible :)). Christina and Carlo taught us different positions and challenge ourselves to trust in our partners and believe in ourselves. We fly with the bird, and we turn upside down!!! 🙂

Our acroyoga teachers chose SustainableEnergy organization to support them with the money collected with this class.

Sustainble energy work to make it possible that most of the population can have access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy to power essential needs such as cooking, heating and so. They also work so everybody can be provided with basic services such as clean water, sanitation and solid-waste management.

SustainableEnergy organization works for 100% renewable energy in a sustainable work. They work not only in Denmark but also in Mozambique, Kenya and Mali where they work to prevent deforestation, and to promote a sustainable and local resource managemente to reduce climate change. They provide the community with different workshops to integrate renewable energy in those countries as well as to implement urban enviromental planning. They have many other projects that you can see in their website http://sustainableenergy.dk/..


Introduction to Mindfulness (04/03/2017)

Last Saturday we had an amazing, relax, and fulfilling mindfulness class. The two hours workshop was taught by Esen, an amazing and professional instructor, who taught us the importance and benefits of a mindfulness practice. She guided us to four meditation practice where we could experience the benefits of it. We enjoyed a lot and we learnt how to be in the present.  We hope all the participants enjoyed and learnt as much as we did, and remember:

“live your life based on the 7 principles of mindfulness: non-judging, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance,  and letting go”.

If you are interested, Esen, our instructor, recommended us this inspiring TED talk of Sara Lazar.


Sara Lazar

Thanks to all the participants for supporting Refugees Welcome.​. Thanks Michala for explaining the importance of your advocacy work. Thanks Refugees welcome to help  and protect as many refugees as you can. Refugees Welcome is a small humanitarian organisation. They provide free legal counselling and assistance to asylum seekers, and at the same time they try to ensure the rights of refugees and inform the public of the conditions for refugees in Denmark

Zumba Class (25/02/2017)

Yesterday, in our Zumba class, we had a PARTY! We mixed low and high intensity latin moves in a super energetic environment!

We interacted with each other, we smiled, had fun and most important… with this event all of us helped a really nice association: Danske Hospitalsklovne. This association spread joy among hospitalized children so, all the energy and calories we burnt yesterday are for them!!

The donations from this activity went to: One of the aims of Danske Hospitals Kloven is to give children some space for themselves, to forget about their unfair situation and be just another child – in joy, fun and laughter. This gives the child self-esteem and strength to deal with his/her own situation much better. Every year, 60,000 children are hospitalized. Danske Hospital Klovne reaches in one day out to about half of all hospitalized children, but they would really like to reach out to even more. That’s why your help is so important.

Danske Hospital Kloven organization works to offer children its presence and someone to talk to. Additionally, they aim to make life in hospitals more human and make room for the joy of life. 

In case you want to read more about Danske Hospitals Klovne please check their web site here https://danskehospitalsklovne.dk/

Web Design Workshop (19/02/2017)

We spent a hyggeligt Sunday evening with Domenico and his tips&tricks on how to become a successful web designer. It was very interesting to see live examples of web sites and how these can be improved by just changing the images and the layout.

Domenico show us the importance of combining marketing and photography techniques with web design, where every little detail is important to construct a faster, navigable and visible web page.

The donations from this activity went to: Settlementet på Vesterbro.

Settlementet på Vesterbro is a voluntary organization that advocates for socially vulnerable groups. Their main purpose is to ensure social and cultural equality in society for all citizens regardless of their age, gender and ethnic background. They have several projects like “Sultana” or “Beskæftigelse” , where they help  vulnerable citizens to get integrated in society by providing them with social and career development.

In case you want to read more about Settlementet på Vesterbro please check their web site here: http://settlementet.dk/ 

Also, in case you are interested on donate them again, here is the donation link: http://settlementet.dk/stot-os/

Hatha Yoga  (12/02/2017)

It was very nice way to start a Sunday with an amazing Hatha Yoga class. Although we had some music problems, Elin, has once again made a very cozy and relaxing environment. This time we were also fully booked, but we managed to have space for everybody 🙂
During the class, we were able to concentrate and we increased the strength and flexibility of the body. Also we had some time to relax and reflect about our everyday life and why we should we grateful for.

The donations from this activity went to:  Doctors Without Borders (MSF) organization.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. MSFs actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of neutrality and impartiality.

In case you want to read more about MSF, please check their web site here http://msf.dk/

Medicinal Herbs workshop (21/01/2017)

We spent a really cozy and hygge Saturday with in SOMOS Medicinal Herbs workshop. We had a fantastic afternoon with Beatrice, the teacher, learning about different herbs you can find in different parts of Europe and here in Denmark, and how they can help us to improve our health and get th best of them. After some explanation and nice histories about Ginseng and other herbs, she brought some herbs to see how they look like and to try them. The teacher also provided us with a nice recipe for Schisandra Tonic and at the end of the class she prepared it for all of us. We were drinking it and having a nice chat all together.

The donations from this activity went to: SOS Børnebyerne. At SOS Børnebyerne they believe that parental care is the key to a good childhood for children. All children should have the opportunity to grow up in a family that gives them love and security. This is why SOS Børnebyerne have two main focus of action: helping the children who live in orphans;  and children who live in families at risk. For example, poverty and disease are among the most common reasons why parents cannot take care of their children, this is why SOS Børnebyerne has different project for health care and education for children in countries like Tanzania or Camboia.

If you want to learn more about this NGO, please check their website: http://www.sosbornebyerne.dk/

Salsa Caleña workshop (14/01/2017)

We started the year with good vibes and rythm with the company of Oscar and Monica. They taught us the basics steps of Salsa caleña and how to move our hips. Oscar, introduced us a bit the history of Cali-Style salsa and the main reasons of its quick rapid steps and personal colombian style. The class was focused in learning differents steps with taps and five different dinos, and the two-hour class became an amazing and fun experience to all of us. Thank you very much to all the participants because it was a great Saturday, not only in the workshop but also with the post-salsa-beers!

The donations from this activity went to : The Danish Refugee Council. Jens, a member of this NGO, came at the beginning of the class to explain in person the work and the projects they are carrying out. It was a fantastic introduction of their work.

The Danish Refugee Council is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization working in more than 30 countries throughout the world. DRC provides direct assistance to conflict-affected populations – refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host communities in the conflict areas of the world. It also advocates on behalf of conflict-affected populations internationally, and in Denmark, on the basis of humanitarian principles and the Human Rights Declaration.

Their two main aims are, first to provide refugees assistance according to their rights. This assistance can consist of relief and other humanitarian aid, rehabilitation and support to return home, as well as contributions to the promotion of durable solutions. Additionally, they contribute to capacity building and co-operation between local and national authorities, as well as other relevant organisations. This work aims at strengthening advocacy and promoting solutions to problems related to situations of conflict, particularly with a view to improving the protection and reintegration of refugees and internally displaced persons

In case you want to read more about Danish Refugee Council please check their web site here https://drc.ngo/

SOMOS wants to thank you for participating in our activities and for your support. Thank you for this amazing 2016!!!

SOMOS 2016 from susana on Vimeo.

Pole Fitness Class (03/12/2016)

We have spent an apolemazing morning in the PoleStudio with Dorottia. We learnt some of the basic spins and movements that you can make in the pole. We also learnt about good position techniques and we even made a small choreography. 🙂 We have spent almost 2 hours laughing, learning and practicing all the different exercises. Dorottia has been very patient and has taken time to look at each of the participants making sure they got the technique correctly. This was definitely a challenged morning.

Thank you so much to everybody for the nice and fun time we spent together!! Hope to see you all in more classes and events! 🙂

The donations from this activity went to : A Race against breast cancer: 

A Race Against Breast Cancer is a non-profit organization dependent on voluntary work which main aim is to collect money for cancer research.  They are supporting a project where the main goals are:
–  to develop a blood test that can detect breast cancer as early because early diagnosis. This is crucial when it comes to saving lives.
– finding a method that can result in an individual, customized treatment. It will mean that more people will survive and more likely to avoid side effects.

If you want to read more information, here is there site: http://araceagainstbreastcancer.dk/


Nutrition workshop (24/11/2016)


With a very fun and engaging attittude, Gabriela has shown us all the important things to consider for achieving a balanced and healthy diet. She has shared some of her personal tips and tricks on how to enrich our daily meals and achieve a better life-style. Also, we have learned how to read labels and make better decisions when shopping in supermarkets in Denmark.

We also had a lot of interesting discussions when we compared “Good VS Bad” products that we are all consuming daily.

With this workshop we have had the opportunity to meet and listen to two members of InnoAid.  All attenders donations went for this association. Mathias and Koldo have explained all the sustainable, innovative and interesting projects that they are working on all around the world. It has been really inspiring to learn how kitchen environments are being improved in Nepal and thus the life of Nepalese families or how they are working to improve the medical competences in India.

You can learn more about all their different projects here:  http://www.innoaid.org/


Urban Farming workshop (13/11/2016)

Today Jaime has conducted us through a really nice explanation about urban gardening and why is so important. In this workshop we have learnt how to design and start our own “homemade” production and we have had hands on it making plantations with materials you can find at home.urban-farming

Our teacher also has explained us about cooperative urban farming and aquoponics, and he has given us different examples and places to visit here in Copenhagen within these different areas of work.

With this workshop we have had the opportunity to meet a memeber of Verdens Skove association. All attenders donations went for this association and Malte was explaining us better what is the work they do and their main goals.

Verdens Skove is a Danish environmental organization working for the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s forest- both the Danish forest and rainforest. They fight for a world with rich forest scenery.

Their vision is that the wild forest nature will be preserved and promoted. Their goal is that forest resources are managed socially, environmentally and economically responsible.

In Denmark they are fighting to promote forest biodiversity and to create a landscape with more wild forest scenery that is rich in biodiversity.

They also work in collaboration with their partners in Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Bolivia to defend the rainforest.

In case you want to read more about Verdens Skove, please check their web site here:  https://www.verdensskove.org/


AcroYoga class (5/11/2016)


Thanks to Christina and Carlo, our AcroYoga teachers, we learn how to FLY! We had an amazing time doing very funny and challenging acroyoga positions.

We trusted our partners and left our comfort zone to discover how funny and enjoyable AcroYoga can be! Acroyoga is a mix between acrobatics and yoga, where the communication, connection and balance is extremely important. As Christina and Carlo taught us, there is no you and I, there is only us, because your partner and you, are one team!

Our acroyoga teacher chose SustainableEnergy organization to support them with the money collected with this class.

Two billion people, or nearly one third of the world’s population, have no access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy to power essential needs such as cooking, heating and lighting. The majority of the world’s urban populations lack basic services such as clean water, sanitation, and solid-waste management. Degradation of natural resources is closely linked to low living standards in rural as well as urban areas. Climate change is aggravating the situation, forcing the poor to adapt to even more insecure living conditions.

SustainableEnergy works for 100% renewable energy in a sustainable world. SustainableEnergy’s approach and principles build upon the belief that the energy and environmental situations of the poor can only be improved and sustained if they, too, are actively involved.

They have implemented more than 25 projects in 10 different countries which have involved thousands of people.  The main responsibility for the climate crisis lies with the rich industrialized countries, but poverty also threatens the environment and the climate. Poverty is part of the problem, but people are key to the solution. This NGO believes that supporting civil-society organizations and involving poor people as agents of change will foster awareness, ownership, and sustainability.

In case you want to read more about SustainableEnergy, please check their web site here http://sustainableenergy.dk/.


Flamenco class (29/10/16)

whatsapp-image-2016-10-29-at-13-16-26With a lot of passion Cristina and Alba taught us the first block of Sevillanas. Sevillanas is one of the most typical dance from the south of Spain.

We learnt the basic steps, how to move the arms, but also how to behave when dancing. We put all our passion, and strenght and energy into the dance! We spent 1:30 hours dancing, laughing and practising with partners. Alba and Cristina were extremely nice, going one by one helping out and making sure everybody got it. Thank you so much to everybody for the nice and fun time we spent together!! Hope to see you all in more classes and events! 🙂

The donations from this activity went to : Kræftens Bekæmpelse association (Danish cancer society)

Cancer Society’s history starts in 1904, when Danish doctors decided to form The Danish Medical Association Cancer Committee. Cancer Society’s vision is a life without cancer.  Cancer Society is a disease-fighting association.

They fight for people affected by cancer are heard. Through research, prevention and patient support they struggle to few people as possible get cancer, as many as possible to survive cancer and that people affected by cancer and their families have the right conditions for that life after cancer is best.
The Society has always been a member organization and has worked for donations. Only a small part of the money for the work comes from the public in the form of grants from the pools and lottery funds.

In case you want to read more about Cancer Society, please check their web site here https://www.cancer.dk/


Introduction to theatre class (23/10/16)

SOMOS held the theatre class and  it was incredibly fun!theatre-class

The attenders created some animal characters and through them they discovered many different tricks and techniques to be an authentic actor! They created and developed their own character and they built their background and history. With many games they learnt, among many other things, how to positioning their bodies in the stage.

Everybody enjoyed a lot and the two hours we spent together were too short because of the nice class that Ángela prepared. Thank you so much to the teacher for her time and creativity and thank all the participants that attended the class and contributed to such a nice SOMOS afternoon!

The donations from this activity went to : Periamma, which is a Danish organization established in 2010 with a vision of helping children of poor countries to become independent and in charge of their own lives.

Last but not least, we have to thank Soren from Periamma who came to explain more about the association he works with, the amazing work towards education they do, and to thank the people for contributing with their donations to Periamma projects. SOMOS believes that every small donation from people is a huge help for small associations like Periamma, and this is why we are so happy!

You can check their website for more info: http://www.periamma.org/


Introduction to photography class (16/10/16)

We spent an amazing afternoon with the photographer Marc Melgosa! Marc made a really nice presentation to teach us about the principal composition rules in photography. He also shared some tips and explained concepts such as img_20161016_140435exposure, ISO, lens, …

After this incredibly and interesting lecture, we spent some time playing arround with our camaras and Marc’s equipment. He was helping out everybody with tips and corrections.

The donations from this activity went to :  LMS (Landsforeningen Mod Spiseforstyrrelser& selvskade; Danish national association for eating disorders and self-harm)

LMS is working for people affected by an eating disorder or self-harm and for their relatives. LMS trains and gives guidance to professionals, politicians and other stakeholders to tackle the problems relating to eating disorders and self-harm. The association also organizes lectures, workshops and other activities throughout the country, attended by thousands of people every year.

You can check their website for more info: http://www.lmsos.dk/

Hatha Yoga Class (08/10/16)

We had a very nice time with Elin learning difficult positions, controling our breath and having a great and relax time.

The class was full with a total of 24 participants!! We are looking forward to organize another class with her.

The donations from this activity went to : MSF, Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare.

Check their website: http://msf.dk/